I had never had a Pinterest before this, I knew what is was though. I had used the site a few times when I needed a quick recipe, or craft. But after reading the articles it made me want to get one and look into a little bit more. I did notice that it focused […]

I chose to critique the topic of “new trends in new media” to examine what social networking sites dictate about identity. Douglas Kellner said the following in his article “Cultural Studies, Multiculturalism, and Media Culture”: “media culture provide materials out of which we forge our very identities; our sense of selfhood; our notion of what […]

Before this course, I had only briefly heard of pinterest. It was in my communications course, that my professor polled to see how many of us had pinterest accounts and many of my peers in fact had them. What concerned me was that if pinterest was a site that was so widely popular, why didn’t […]

I want to start off by saying I love Pinterest. It is an amazing site and whoever designed it is a genius. I’ve had my Pinterest account for about a year now and when I first started hearing about it, I was skeptical to say the least. Then I started wandering around it and I […]

Kevin Sayre For many months now, I have seen fellow Facebook friend females freely and flippantly frolicking through the framework of Pinterest’s funny postcards and cat pictures (got a little carried away in that sentence…), as well as obviously experiencing purely boundless joy while showing one another DIY paper lanterns and staple holders to hairstyles […]

Reflecting throughout this entire course of popular culture I have learned so many different things dealing with feminism, gender, and the way race plays a huge role into today’s society. Many things that I have learned such as cultural appropriation was something very knew to me and I now find myself paying close attention to […]

Before this assignment, I had little experience with Pinterest. I had mostly heard about the site through friends of mine. At first, Pinterest struck me as something that attempts to amplify already engrained gender norms and expectations, especially for women. The women’s fashion, health and fitness, and even crafting tags were perhaps the most notable […]

Pinterest had been suggested to me many times before now… and I’ve tried to get into it many times before now.  As you can see from my Pinterest page I tried it out a couple times (16 total pins since high school) and succeeded in finding a few cool hairstyles, ideas for my new apartment, and […]

I did have a Pinterest account prior to this class and this assignment, but I usually do not use it. For a brief period I would go on it when I was bored, but then it got old and I eventually stopped altogether. Revisiting Pinterest for this assignment after reading the class articles really made […]

I have had a Pinterest account since the website required someone who already had an account to invite you to join the Pinterest community. I have had many positive experiences while using the website and have found some information very useful. For example, my mom set a hot compress on her side table, which causes […]


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Gender, Race, & Sexuality in Pop Culture. Feminist cultural critiques happen here.

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Gender, Race, & Sexuality in Pop Culture. Feminist cultural critiques happen here.

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Gender, Race, & Sexuality in Pop Culture. Feminist cultural critiques happen here.