The sexualization of women in music videos { Charlandrea Pettis}

After a few weeks of taking this class, It was a lot easier for me to notice how women were sexualized, objectified and how they also were involved in self objectification. When women constantly are sexualized, the audiences of these videos may assume that all women behave this way and that in order to fit into society you must be beautiful and sexualized. Sexualization of women is not only seen in just video’s but it is everywhere. It is in commercials, magazines, movies and etc, but today I will focus on sexualization of women in videos. This videos that I have chosen sexualize women in various ways and are great examples.

Jay Z big Pimping:

In this video, women regardless of their race are reinforcing the stereotype that they are extremely hyper sexual. They are rubbing up and down their bodies and one female in the video went as far as humping one of the rappers torsos. I also recognized the assumption of race throughout the video. The video wants the viewers to assume that all black men love butts. The video often focuses on women’s butts rather than their whole body. According to the video dream worlds certain parts of bodies will be focused on in music videos according to what is popular in that genre of music. This video also plays on the stereotype that was also stated in dream worlds 3, that women are extremely desperate and they will often share a male with other females. The video supports the idea and normative value that women should be sexy no matter what, but goes against the idea that women should act like a lady and reserve her body. I also noted that when white women danced the camera focused on their upper body rather than their butts.

Travis Porter Aye Ladies:

The women in this video are often dressed in a sexual way. Even when they are used as servants or maids they are dressed sexual. This video goes with the stereotype that women are party animals and that they always want male attention and when they don’t desire this attention there is always another woman who will. An example of this was when the women who had on towels kicked the rapper out and he went to another room where the girls didn’t mind that he was there. The women even when doing simple household chores are dressed up. Their moves are sexual and the way they open up a curtain is sexual. This video wants people to assume that being sexual and looking sexual is the only thing that women have going for themselves.

Sexualization of women in the media: Extra clip to show how sexualization of women in ads and media affects women in the real world.

50 cent candy shop:

This video utilizes various stereotypes. It shows the stereotype that women are always in need of sex and that we often take control just to get the sex we want. In the video a woman dressed in sexual clothing, whips 50 cent with a whip in order for him to undress quickly. According to the article Queering Black Heterosexuality when black women are used in videos or movies they can either be used as a sapphire jezebel or a nanny figure type, it’s never anything in between. This video shows that when women do enjoy sex they are often viewed as extremely hyper sexual women who want sex all day every day. This was also shown in the dream worlds film. The video also shows that women are supposed to dress feminine while males should dress masculine. Women are also sexualizing themselves by pouring chocolate on each other and eating apples in a sexual way. They are only used or seen in this video as sexual in nature.

Destiny’s child Survivor

I thought that this video was very interesting because it reinforces the belief that beauty is important for women no matter what. I also thought it was an interesting video to use because it also shows that no matter what the video may be about, women always have to dress in a sexual way or touch themselves when a man is not available. In the video the women are singing about surviving and they are constantly changing into sexual outfits. This is meant to show that in order to survive you must be beautiful and appeal to males and use sex appeal to sell a song rather than just the music.  It also used the water scene which according to the video dream worlds is meant to please the male adolescent mind. Once again women are just seen as sexual beings rather than educated women.

Miley Cyrus Wrecking ball:

This video showed how women are only viewed as sexual in nature as well. In the video Miley licks a hammer, which shows that even when a male is not around that women still want sex. They will use objects to receive their pleasure and do anything that they believe will satisfy their needs. She is also not dressed and when she is she is wearing a white beater and panties. There is never a time in the video that she has on appropriate clothing. Her sexual behavior is used to sell cd’s. This video shows the importance of sexualization of females and often appeals to the male. The entire video was shown in one room with the primary focus of Miley swinging on balls and licking objects.

Playlist as a whole

In all five of these music videos women are seen only as sexual beings regardless to what the song may be about. It could possibly even be a song about surviving. These videos go on the stereotypes that women are hyper sexual and are only around for the purpose of receiving attention from males. These videos constantly reinforce these stereotypes with “women often willing to share one male when there are limited amounts of males to go around” as stated in the movie dream worlds 3. This stereotype was shown in both the jay z’s video as well as aye ladies. In these videos women dress sexual regardless of what roles they play, they are either naked or wear clothes that are extremely sexual such as torn and ripped clothing, and other clothes articles that make it seem as if they are barely clothed. In these videos women often take charge of sex rather it is whipping off a males clothing to get him undressed quickly or humping his torso. These stereotypes are discussed in the dream world 3 video and after research I have noticed many of the same things as well.

I also noticed assumptions of race in acted in these videos. In the video big pimping by rapper jay z when black females or Latino females dance the camera is positioned at their butts but when a white female is dancing the camera is more focused on her upper body. I assumed the reason being is that black and Latino women are mostly known in videos for having big butts and white women are noted for having big breast. I also noticed how women expressed their sexual desires with the use of objects such as hammers, apples and etc. An example of this was when a woman seductively ate a chocolate covered apple or when Miley licked the hammer. This was also noted in the dream worlds film. Woman in these videos licked their lips, they licked objects and they danced seductively while performing household chores.

I also noticed age played a major part in these videos. After carefully viewing each of these videos I noticed that there were no women of older age. The women were all young which points to the fact that in order to be sexy you have to be young. I also noticed that women of different races also had different beauty standards. Women that were black had curves and big butts and white women were often skinny with no fat anywhere. This was standard beauty that was found in media. I also noticed what the author of “Queering Black heterosexuality” noticed. She states that “when black women are used in media they can either be extremely hypersexual or asexual there isn’t anything in between”. In these videos I noticed that when black women are interested in sex they are often over sexualized.

I also added another video that shows the affects that the sexualization of women in media has on the general public and viewers. According to the video dream worlds 3 when women are only seen as sexual beings they often experience violence from males in their society. According to the lectures in class as well as this additional video when women see sexualized women they often think that women are only valuable because of their bodies and nothing else. Women rarely see women in media that are extremely intelligent rather they see that beauty is the only thing that matters. So women then in turn have the symbolic annihilation mind that states you can’t be something you can’t see. There are various problems that come along with sexualization of women and treating them only as sexual beings. Some examples are low self-esteem, eating disorders, high school drop outs and etc. This is a huge problem that needs to be fixed.

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