My Oh Mi(ley)!

By: Kailey

Growing up for any girl is not an easy thing, not in the least! But what do we get when we put a girl under constant scrutiny under the constant watch of the media? Well….we get “twerking” and foam fingers! Miley Cyrus has grown up under the constant watch of millions of people and she has made it quite clear that her old “Hannah Montana” self is dead! But who can we blame for this outrageous behavior? Are we setting the standards of entertainment way too high? If she wouldn’t have done what she did at the VMA’s, would she have gotten nearly the same amount of media coverage? Her career is hotter than ever–and we have everything to do with it! This playlist will look at Miley Cyrus and her decisions to change her look, and see the responses that society has once she steps outside of what society sees as feminine.

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When Miley Cyrus first cut her hair, it was bigger news than when the Royal Baby was going to be born. Everyone had their opinions, but why did we take it upon ourselves to decide how she looks? In todays world, there is a very specific idea of beauty.  Women are forced to look a certain way, or else they will be constantly picked at. This Meme scrutinizes just how wrapped up we are in celebrity lives. She, just as anyone else wanted a change of pace, but of course we had to make it the biggest deal ever. This Meme is known as condescending Wonka and basically pokes fun at situations in which we blow way out of proportion. If a female celebrity steps outside of the boundaries, then we find ourselves becoming uncomfortable. This meme reminds us the what we are so concerned with is not a big deal what so ever.

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In this Meme, we first see a very sexualized Image of former Disney star Hannah Montana. Her boobs are out and body is very exposed. In the second picture, where Miley has her hair cut, and no longer is showing off her body, she is considered boy-like. The caption reads, “Tired of being masterbation material…Cuts hair”. What type of message is this sending? Is there an invisible boundary going into play here? Do we only consider women with long, blonde hair–sexy? In todays society, young girls who grew up watching Hannah Montana will see this transformation of Miley and get the message that in order to be what boys will use as “masterbation material”, we will need to fulfill what THEY (boys) consider to be sexy. Women are just filling in roles for male pleasure, and once we step outside of this image, we are considered un-feminine. 

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In this Meme, Miley in her new look is being compared to Cynthia, a doll Angelica had on the Rugrats. In the show, Cynthia is a old, worn out toy that Angelica threw around, and made her do stupid things. Miley is being compared to a play toy, one that has no value or character. Miley in this picture has beautiful makeup on, with her hair in a way that we don’t normally see. Because of this disconnection from what society deems “normal” to what Miley looks like, she is being dehumanized to a plastic doll, and is only being judged based on what she looks like in that certain moment. This is a growing problem in society. Women and their bodies are becoming no more than play dolls to men and media, this clearly shows that if we don’t look perfect or how men want us to look, we will be literally shrunken down to doll size and have all of our human aspects and characteristics taken away.

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In this meme, Miley is being shown from only stomach down, and it is clearly not a very flattering picture of Miley. This idea of “the perfect body” comes into play in this meme. If you look at Miley Cyrus, she has a very good body. But, at this one moment, a second out of her entire VMA performance, her butt looks as though it is deflated. The meme says, “somewhere in America, Miley is feeling deflated”. Whoever was the creator of this meme, was clearly using a play on words, by selecting an aspect of Miley’s body, and using it to make a statement. The statement is connecting how Miley looks to how she should feel. They are using her body as no more than a joke. Should all women be concerned that they too will be turned into a joke if we do not fit into what men see as “beautiful” or “sexy”? Also, this proves how in just one moment, if women are not looking their best, that there will be consequences to pay.

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In this meme, we start off with a picture of 10 year old Miley Cyrus. She is still a very innocent child, yet the caption that goes along with this picture is, “this girl will never get a boyfriend.” How can anyone decide if someone else will ever get a boyfriend?And more so, how can anyone look at a very cute little 10 year old girl, and say that she will never find someone who will love her? Right from the start, society is telling young girls that if they don’t look sexy then no boy will want them. Next is a picture of Miley around the age of 15 or so. In this picture she has some makeup on with longish brown hair. The caption says, “wait” as if there was a huge change from the previous picture. There was a change…she started to grow up, all humans do. She now has makeup on her face and has her fixed smile. She is getting closer to what society deems “boyfriend worthy”. In the next picture, she must be about 18 and has full on makeup with a low cut shirt and is posing in a sexual way. Her long brown hair is professionally done and the look in her eye is sexual. There is no caption with this picture, only the stickman spitting out his food in disbelief. This picture of Miley is exactly what society wants her to look like. She is inside of the boundaries of what is beautiful and appealing to the male eye. In the last picture, Miley is in her 20’s and has cut her hair and dyed it blonde. She still has makeup on and is sporting an even lover cut shirt, with much more cleavage showing. Yet, the caption reads, “I told you…” as if the idea that she will never get a boyfriend is a possibility again. Just because she cut her hair, society now seems her unsexy, and unable to find a man to love her. She is still the same girl, she just looks different. But because she doesn’t look like what we feel she should look like, we go back to the idea that she will be forever alone. 


Overall, there is a clear way that society sets boundaries around what we see as feminine versus what we see as unfeminine. When it comes to superstar Miley Cyrus, people are only happy when they see her in the way we deemed appropriate for how all women should be seen. With long hair, always looking perfect. Once women step out of this invisible boundary, they are heavily scrutinized and dehumanized to almost force them back into the cookie cutter image of what we want them to be. Men make is clear to what they find sexy, and that if we don’t follow their guidelines on how to look and act, than we will be forever alone. Many people used to say that Miley Cyrus was absolutely beautiful, but ever since she stepped out of the ideal way to look, people are comparing her to a man. Maybe that is the reason why she has had to super-sexualize herself. To makeup for what people say is not there. She acts and preforms extra sexual maybe to prove that she is in fact a female and knows how to work her body like one. Is it society who forced her to cut and dye her hair? Are we all looking way too much into this simple change that she decided she was ready for? There are so many aspects to a person, and Miley is being torn down to just the way she looks. If she got the negative attention she did, just by cutting and coloring HER hair, then should women all over America be afraid to do the same? The consequences of stepping outside of the beauty box is clearly not pretty. This is just a way society reinforces the way people look as the most important aspect about them. Why do we let other people decide for us who is beautiful? It is time to do what we want, and cross the lines and break the boundaries and cross over to the dark side.


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