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I dont want the Barnyard to look like a Barnyard!

Hop on the internet and it is easy to see that more and more people are re-embracing things like crafting, cooking, and frugal living. You only have to visit Etsy, Pinterest, or any number of DIY blogs and it is easy to see there is something undeniably appealing about all these homemade, vintage, and domestic […]

Pinterest + Weddings = A Look Towards the Future

by Stacy Haerr I’ve been dreaming about my wedding for as long as I can remember. Now that my boyfriend and I have been dating for the better part of three years, I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been getting a little antsy for the engagement, the wedding, the whole big ordeal (not that […]

DIY Culture and the New Domesticity by Erin Ramirez

In society today women feel all sorts of different pressures to fit in or stick with the status quo.  These pressures could be to become smarter, prettier, thinner or anything else along those lines.  There is a new pressure that is rising in society today though.  This pressure is for women to become more domestic.There […]

Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook: The Latest Trending Topics

By:  Joe Majka As stated by Wilson and Yochim: “Facebook status updates offering mothering advice, Instagrammed images of a family’s summertime fun, lifestyle blogs where kitchen sinks look elegant, Pinterest boards that promise to make meal times meaningful: social media for mothers seem to overflow with domestic bliss. This world – the mamasphere – is […]

Charlandrea Pettis (Pintrest Activity)

First of all I really want to emphasize how much I loved my experience on pintrest. Pintrest contained pins with recipes for baking, nail art ideas and home decor. These things have always been very interesting for me, so seeing a website that contained them all was awesome. Secondly I noticed that majority of the […]

Instant Connections: Instagram

In modern times, everyone has a sense — or yearns for — of constant connectivity. Recent projections show that by 2016 nine in ten college students will own smartphones ( Smartphones with constant access to the friends, internet, and apps will further the development of one very prevalent new trend in media, Instagram. This app, owned by […]

What Women Want! (If you fit the ideal description, of course!!)

I created a Pinterest account with the sole purpose of meeting the requirements of this assignment.  Other than Facebook (which I signed up for long before it got crazy), I choose not to be a part of trendy websites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.  The reason is quite simple, although it may come across […]

Joseph McCulty’s Pinterest Adventure!!!

Knowing that Pinterest is considered to be the domain of women, just as the Wilson & Yochim piece says, I decided to use my favorite female alias in order to snoop around undetected. In preparation for this assignment, I looked up a handful of friends and scoured through their pins. To them it appeared as […]

Pinterest Reflection By: Grace Harter

I have had a Pinterest for quite some time so my boards are all pretty detailed.  I have boards on Pinterest from the books I want to read, or have read, to the cars I would love to drive someday.  It was interesting because after analyzing the readings from Wilson & Yochim and Matcher, the […]

Reality Tv: A look behind the scenes By: Deunte Banks

Have you ever heard the saying that too much of anything can kill you? According to an analysis published online by the “Scientific American”, overindulgence even with something so essential to life such as water, can have a detrimental effect on your well-being in the long run. Similarly, I have decided to conduct an analysis […]


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