Racism in Country Music




I chose to do my live-tweet reflection on the County Music Awards (CMAs).  I wasn’t going to use the CMAs until I saw a woman of color on it, so I decided to search #CMAs on Twitter.  When I did, I instantly saw people tweeting racist things.  The use of the “N” word was used a lot, as well as people wondering why there were black people at the country music awards.  I thought this went along well with what we talked about in class a few weeks ago.  The class began discussing country music and rap and hip hop music and racial groups that listen to certain types of music.  I have noticed that people make such a big deal that Darius Rucker, a man of color, is a country singer.  Although we did not discuss this in class, I believe that Darius Rucker was more “accepted” in country music was because he was previously in an alternative band, Hootie and the Blowfish.  I am not saying that people of color do not want to sing country music, but I am saying that it is not shown if people of color audition or try to make it in the country music world.   Do we know if there are other people of color who want to sing country music but get denied because of their race?  There was much overt racism shown in tweets that I searched.  I also noticed that every person who tweeted these things were white, none were of color.





Finally, the hosts of the show, Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood were making jokes of celebrities and brought up Julianne Hough using black face for her Halloween costume.   They made a joke to Darius Rucker and asked him how he felt about it.  We have also just discussed this topic in class on Thursday, and I think that this joke was totally unnecessary because it was definitely not the time and place to discuss something like that, and also probably made Darius Rucker extremely uncomfortable.  They made it seem that Darius Rucker, a black man, should be the only one offended by Julianne Hough’s costume.  When I searched this topic on Twitter, people took it as a joke and thought it was funny, as I did not find any humor in it whatsoever.

When it comes to country music and racism, I think that we still have a long way to come.  There is still much overt racism in social media.  As discussed in class, the rebel flag is still used, and white people still throw the “N” word out all of the time.  Just like rap music having one big white rapper, Eminem, country music has only one big artist of color, Darius Rucker.  I think that in order for there to be more diversity in music, people need to be more acceptable and stop worrying about race.  Instead of worrying about the color of one’s skin, people need to worry about the lyrics and sound of the music.

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