Revenge in the Twittersphere

Sam McWhorter

  1. #Revenge Nolan’s yellow pants are so goooooooooood.
  2. Daniel’s ex is in town… uhmmmmm more for Emily on her plate.. Your ex to bake ur wedding cake… wut da hell daniel… #Revenge
  3. @BarrySloane + steamy bathroom + that look of getting out of the shower = J J J many happy fans #Revenge @Revenge thank you writers!!!
  4. Can we trend #revenge…LETS DO IT AGAIN REVENGERS
  5. All these people tweeting obviously don’t understand this show. Why would you want Emily and Daniel together? SHE DOESN’T LOVE HIM #Revenge
  6. I’m confused as to how I’m supposed to feel about Jack and Margaux #revenge
  7. Nolan being the bestest guy ever may be my most popular tweet ever. Just speaking the truth.  #Revenge

On Sunday night at 9 PM on ABC, I watched the drama, Revenge. I used the hashtag  “Revenge” and followed along on my phone  while the show aired.  One thing that I expected was most of the tweets to be from an upper, middle class population as the show is based in the Hamptons. However, the tweets seemed to fairly spread across the board in terms of who was tweeting. Although it is impossible to tell by the profile picture if it is the actual person or not, there seemed to be a proportional mix of races tweeting #Revenge. Additionally, the age range of people tweeting varied from young adult to middle age. It was evenly dispersed. The tweets that I have appeared to be from people of all ages and one from an actor on the show, himself.  I think that this coverage of all races and ages is because Revenge has something on the show for all personalities. The writers do a very good job of being non-discriminate towards neither race in their characters nor people’s interest. For example, there was a black intern on the show. And there is always, sex, money, power struggles, politics, and a little bit of humor in the plot line.

The biggest thing I noticed in the fan base was that it mostly consisted of women. There were very few men that would chime into the “Twittersphere.”  These followers seem to have become very loyal over the past three seasons.  There were several fans whom over the course of the show on Sunday were live tweeting the entire thing – they probably tweeted 45-60 times while the show was on air. The fan base commented on things like Emily, the main character’s, outfit and wardrobe selections, Victoria’s jewelry and how old she was looking, how Charlotte seemed like a devil this season, argued over who was hotter; Daniel or Jack, and raved about Nolan’s pants.  I thought these things were interesting because it hinted at the consumption in our society. At the end of the day, maybe people are just watching Revenge because it is an ornate show with beautiful people and attractive men , styled so they are so incredibly well-dressed. 

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