Amazing race live tweeting

While watching The Amazing Race, I was not sure if i would catch anything that would be the crude, or racist… But man, was I wrong. The Amazing Race is a reality television show where couples (spouses, sisters, father-daughter etc…) race around the world and try to be the first ones to complete a certain challenge that has to do with that country. This weeks race took the competitors to Dubai, where the team who came in first place happened to be from Dubai. This is where the muslim race (or so called Afghani guys) was put on blast. Also, out of respect, the women competitors were told to wear a burqas when entering one of the locations–the Mosque, and people were literally “disgusted” by it.  Also, every time something about the Muslim culture came up, people made sure to tweet about it. The people who were mostly tweeting about it were caucasians…  who made it clear that they had a problem with the Muslim people. Also, many of the people tweeted statements that were not something that would be considered “politically correct” so clearly they didn’t care about who saw the tweet… feeling entitled.

Another thing I noticed was how a large portion of the men were tweeting about a very good looking team of women. Some of the men said they wanted the women to preform certain sexual acts on them, and degraded the women to inhuman. Also, females were tweeting about the good looking women saying how they were “sluts” or “whores” just because they were attractive. This sexism is turning a team on the show into nothing more than two women to look at and bash for things they may or may not do.

I feel that people watch this show because it is an overall interesting show, and they get to see many places that they may not have gotten to see if they weren’t watching. I also think that the people tweet about the people more then they tweet about the beautiful locations because it is more satisfying to judge people and talk about them, to make yourself feel better. These people seem to watch the show regularly because they know the teams and personalities of the players well, and seem to have their favorites. But, I do not see one type of person watching the show over another. People of all sorts are tweeting about The Amazing Race.

Overall, there was clear overt racism where people were commenting a lot on the Muslim race, and connected the Muslim people to terrorists–which is absolutely awful. If the women were attractive, then they were objectified into nothing more than pieces of meat. Television is one way that pop culture is blown up and dissected. It was an interesting experience following all the other tweets. I learned more about the show and how people viewed the show by following along the show with tweets than I could have if I didn’t follow along. I gained some important insight to the different lives and lifestyles people experience.

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