Burn, Witch, Burn

K, time to be a witch, peace bitches. #AHSCoven

Nicole Polizzi(@Snooki)- November 7, 2013

You Know a TV show is good when all you can say during it is “what in the actual fuck?” #AHSCoven

Sam Kukla(@Sam_Kukla)- November 6, 2013

American Horror Story is a television series that is on its third season, Coven. Every season is a completely different story, many actors stay to play different roles, and every season is very controversial. The show has caught fire since first premiering back in 2012, getting positive attention mixed with horror and disgust. In every episode there is a part where all the viewers are like what did I just see? The creators go as far as they can to bend and break social norms to create this horrifying masterpiece that keeps the audience wanting more.  I also think that keeping a lot of the same actors to come back has helped the fan base grow because then everyone can remember how much they loved the role they played last season and watch with baited breath this season. This season is about witches in New Orleans so there is so much controversy that plays into this story. First, you have a cast mainly of females who are powerful, which is an influential image because it is usually the male cast that is dominant in a show but these witches are bad ass.

Don’t. Mess. With. The. Supreme. #AHS #Coven

SHADOW PineValleyPod (@SHADOWUSR)- November 6, 2013

Jessica is always head bitch #AHSCoven

Madi (Madirocks94)- November 6, 2013

No, you do not mess with the Supreme, that is a bad idea. The Supreme, played by the incredible Jessica Lange, is the most powerful witch in the coven. She shows no mercy, she runs the show. I saw so many tweets during the show about how awesome yet feared she is and I think that is good for society to see. We need more women in that position of power whether they be evil or good, because a lot of times the men in the show have all the power. There have only been a few men in this show and here’s what happened to them : a bunch died, one got sewn up and brought back to life, and one is a cheater/murderer. The show’s creators are sending a message by creating these incredible women characters because you do not see that often in television anymore and all of the show’s viewers are in love with these bad witches. Another thing I want to point out with the second tweet that is specifically about Jessica Lange is that every season she plays a women in charge, which is why I love her so much. She is a real role model to any female audience who watches the show because her characters never take anything lying down, she is always ready to fight for what she wants. She is extremely popular among the fanbase for this show because she is always a strong female role and is always heavily involved, never just a side character.

Holy fuck, if #AHSCoven has Queenie forgive the racist enslaving monster then Ryan fucking Murphy is out of his gods damned mind-

Zadja (@MadxHatter0)- November 6, 2013

As I said before, the creators of American Horror Story always have a very controversial theme included and this season it has to do with race. What this enraged tweeter is talking about is two characters, Queenie who is a modern day black witch (who also happens to have a voodoo power which seems racist in a way) and Madame Lalaurie who lived back in the time of slavery. Madame Lalaurie tortured her slaves, making one into a Minotaur, and was then cursed by the Voodoo Priestess to live forever. Madame Lalaurie coincidentally becomes Queenie’s “slave” as punishment for hurting Queenie due to her race. In this episode we start to see Madame Lalaurie resent her old ways, feeling mounds of guilt. Queenie understands who Madame Lalaurie is and what she had done, but is starting to see past that. This show has a lot of great examples of race because all the black females are powerful. Granted during the flashbacks to slavery the black men are treated extremely harshly, the viewer is able to compare that to the modern day scenes where there is the Voodoo Priestess who holds powers many of the white witches do not have, and we also see the power of forgiveness that Queenie possesses with Madame Lalaurie. I think it sends a strong message of what we learned in class about an action being racist or a person. Madame Lalaurie was quite obviously racist, but as time goes on she begins to become less racist and Queenie sees her doing so which has Queenie judging her on her racist actions.

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