#SharkTank By Nathan Scott

So I feel like I fell short on this assignment although it did lead me to an interesting new show; new to me at least! I chose ABC’s Friday night special SharkTank. Initially I thought I read in the summarization on ABC.com that it was some kind of bachelor show, apparently I was distracted when I read this! The show is actually about small business entrepreneurs seeking financial sponsorship from large corporate entrepreneurs like Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, and Robert Herjavec. The show was very interesting but the real downfall was that the twitter community following the show, which was enough to make there be 30-60 new tweets about every 15 seconds, only discussed business and business politics. A lot of the people tweeting were self-proclaimed small business owners critiquing the presentations given by the upcoming entrepreneurs. The critiques; however, were mostly not any kind of personal attack. They were more vague statements on presentation and logical thinking.

There were a lot of fun comments about people liking products that were introduced on the show, like dog spray paint, but criticizing/oppressing was really left out of the tweets. On the show, the 5 entrepreneurs were white but 1 was a female and tweets didn’t fluctuate in structure or vocabulary. A lot of the tweets were by white males, with black females being the second most common, following then by white females. The “Sharks” also were tweeting during the show submitting suspenseful questions for viewer reactions on whether they thought a shark would “bite” and make an offer. Almost all of these tweets were not responded to surprisingly. Very little to no interaction was made between people tweeting, and most seemed like they were just submitting a Facebook status update. By the day after I realized that I had stumbled upon a new show I liked but unfortunately a poor choice for this homework assignment.

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