Dem White Ladies on Pinterest

Kevin Sayre

For many months now, I have seen fellow Facebook friend females freely and flippantly frolicking through the framework of Pinterest’s funny postcards and cat pictures (got a little carried away in that sentence…), as well as obviously experiencing purely boundless joy while showing one another DIY paper lanterns and staple holders to hairstyles and Jennifer Lawrence hugging a kitten. I have also almost exclusively viewed it as a domain for those with two X chromosomes, which may be how many others on the internet feel. This was more or less reaffirmed when I myself attempted to romp through the pages of puppies and necklaces, and found very little in the way of things that interested me, apart from a few Batman images (and cats – I too am a fan of the feline).

However, I began to notice something very peculiar and also troubling – the all but complete and total lack of pictures featuring women of color. To help illustrate this, I created two boards – Pictures of white girls and Finally not a white girl. I had zero troubling filling up the pictures of white girls board with its namesake, however I had a lot of trouble adding ladies, or really even black men, to the other folder. The best (and by best I mean worst) part was when the first picture of a woman of color showed up…it was this one. A poor old woman being given a handout by a very generous white man, courtesy of some Subaru campaign. Then, the only other pictures of black men and women I could find were two celebrities and one very lovely lady. Other than the one modeled picture of a black woman I found however, Pinterest appears to be a domain dominated by white girls.

This, of course, reflects upon society. Society seems to only really want to see pretty young white girls in their dresses and doing their hair. And the only black women we ever see are those in impoverished neighborhoods and in Africa. Yay society, good job.

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