GO GO GO Pinterest Style

Previous to this assignment, I had already had a Pinterest account. I was not a huge user of it, but from time to time, I had played around and maybe planned my wedding… But, I decided to make a new board of something I have been working towards–weight loss. When I searched the terms weight loss or healthy living, the amount of pins that came up truly surprised me. There were pictures of women before and after a weight loss. There were many tips about how to stay on track when trying to diet and exercise, and there were many quotes that made me think about the whole process of losing weight differently. Honestly, it made me want to get up and start my workout right then (I know! Thats a feat!) but what it really did was make me realize just how common it is for people, especially women, to want to lose weight and feel good about ourselves.

“A happy life, a good life, hence involves the regulation of desire. It is not simply that we desire happiness but that happiness is imagined as what you get in return for desiring well” (21) This quote by Yochim really hit the nail on the head when it came to losing weight. In order to live happily and well, I must regulate my indulgence in things not good for me. Of course I would rather sleep than workout, or eat a cookie instead of an apple, but longterm happiness will not result in short term decisions.

Pinning to my GO GO GO (hence get up and go start moving) board really confirmed that I know I could do this. The whole Pinterest idea is more than just a website. It is an entire community of people who have some recipe to give, or a tip of some kind. Although it does glorify the average woman, the cute outfit ideas or DIY projects come in handy! My weight loss is a journey. Pinterest is just another tool I will use to keep myself on the right path. So although Pinterest COULD be used to live in an imaginary world, with unrealistic dreams, I think it is also an aid. An aid to life, and little tricks to help it maybe go a little bit smoother.

Here is the link to my board


Wilson, Julie A. Yochim, Emily C. Pinning Happiness: Affect, Social Media, and Women’s Work. 2013.  Print.

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