I Am A Pinner – Pinterest Reflection

I did not have to make an account for this assignment because I started using Pinterest in the summer of 2012. Some of my friends suggested it to me because they knew that I enjoyed making crafts, especially crafts for my new home. At first I was a little overwhelmed with all the options on Pinterest, but when I had nothing to do at my desk job, I found Pinterest to be a nice outlet. At the beginning of the semester, I even listed my pop culture guilty pleasure as Pinterest. I enjoy the pins related to DIY/crafts, household items, children, and cute animals. Some things I continue to ignore on Pinterest, like images of women being objectified, political campaigns, and some other things. I used my Pinterest for the projects in this class as well. The board I created called “Feminism Project” has pins that I thought could be useful for the Pop Culture Playlist or Cultural Critique.

Even though I like Pinterest, I feel like it promotes domestic gender roles through images of women, DIY, housework, and babies. In the readings from Emily Matcher, I kept realizing how Pinterest does glamourize domestic work of woman. I began to feel guilty that I fall under the “spell” of Pinterest. In the article by Julie Wilson and Emily Yochim it is pointed out how the people who are most likely to be the pinners are white, upper and middle class females, which I guess I could classify myself as. But something else that they discussed during the article was how Pinterest largely appeals to mothers, which I am not. I do have a Board titled “kiddies!” that has baby and motherly things on it, but those are for the possible future. Many of my friends are not mothers and still enjoy Pinterest for the same reason.

I have definitely cut back on my use of Pinterest this school year because I do not have as much free time because of school and working two jobs. I also find myself critiquing most things on Pinterest because of the things I have learned in this class over the semester. I see more now how women are easily objectified, the lack of colored women in pins, and how it promotes heterosexuality with all the pins of marriage, engagements, and families. When Wilson and Yochim point out how pinners are basically “pinning happiness”, I agree with that. I become excited when I find new crafts to make or cute kittens and puppies. I think that Pinterest should be used in moderation and we should consider all of the things that we are pinning and liking.

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  1. […] I Am A Pinner – Pinterest Reflection (wgss2230.wordpress.com) […]

  2. […] I Am A Pinner – Pinterest Reflection (wgss2230.wordpress.com) […]

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