One Pin for Me, One Giant Board for Fellow Pinners

I want to start off by saying I love Pinterest. It is an amazing site and whoever designed it is a genius. I’ve had my Pinterest account for about a year now and when I first started hearing about it, I was skeptical to say the least. Then I started wandering around it and I must tell you, some of the things I have found have been life savers, and I also have yet to find a recipe that wasn’t delicious. (I actually made this
for Thanksgiving as a snacky appetizer type thing and everyone LOVED it. And it was super easy to make too.)

I know for the most part that Pinterest is mostly geared towards woman, seeing as the majority of my “homepage” or whatever it happens to be called is covered with women’s clothing, jewelry, and things of that nature. I do believe that Matchar hit the nail on the head when she talked about DIY culture making a comeback as a way to stretch the dollar. Times are tough in this economy, and as a mom, I’ve learned fast to make pennies and dimes stretch as far as they can on the things that they can, since there is no way to finagle with electric, gas, and rent prices. So, I make things at home, like storage containers, from things that I already had to buy, like the bottom of the bottle of my son’s soap, or from an old shoe box (that’s my pens, pencil, markers box at the moment as well as one is a small toys box). My son is also very creative and imaginative and we never let toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls go to waste.

I have found many ideas on Pinterest that I have pinned, some for immediate use, some for future reference. I actually made the stuffed animal container/cage for my son as well, but used PVC pipe instead of wood with the elastic bands. With nearly every type of advertising around pushing consumerism down our throats, it is nice that there is somewhere that those of us that do not always have the time to come up with the creative ideas can go to find the less expensive alternative to things we want/need.

I’ve been doing DIY for most of my life, although it hasn’t quite reached the proportions of some of the women that Matchar talks about. There is a line, I believe, where too much DIY can also lead to further collapsing the economy because without money being spent, there is no money made either. So we need to find the happy medium between total consumerism and total DIY. I like to think I am in between and I want to teach my son the self pride that comes with making something and knowing it was done right, but also the acknowledgement that not everything has to be made by him to be good.

I just want to say one more thank goodness for Pinterest, because it is also much easier as a cookbook, because those can weigh a few pounds and take up a bunch of room, and instead, with a few swipes of my tablet or phone screen or clicks on my computer, I can find delicious recipes without having to hunt for hours and possibly get paper cuts. Pinterst makes my life as a mom easier sometimes, and every little bit counts and helps.

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