Pinterest by Candace McCullough

Pinterest is a social website where creativity flourishes. The topics range from DIY projects to health and fitness tips to movies and books.  Women are especially attracted to pinning other décor items for around their house in an effort to make it themselves.  On the Asgard/Gold Wedding board, I pinned glass vases that had a lace design spray-painted on them.  It’s a cheap and easy way to turn the once clear wedding vase into a more elegant vase with gold accents.  Pinterest gives people ideas on how to make original crafts from “junk” that is laying around the house.  The button bowl was made from buttons, glue and a balloon, all things that are easy to buy or that are already around the house.  “Just as the Great Depression restored prestige to women’s work, the Great Recession has created the Heroic New Homemaker” (Matchar 44).   Buttons were only used on clothing, but through Pinterest, people created a new purpose for buttons.  Beyond the DIY projects, Pinterest has an important role in fashion with new chic styles.  Some fashion pins, like the pin of leggings and a jacket, only show you examples of outfits while other pins have links to a website to buy the clothing right away.  Buying items can make people feel good from the chemical reactions in the brain, but more “Importantly, to experience the family as happy is not necessarily to be made happy, but rather to invest that object with a potential that its proximity will bring happiness in the future” (Wilson and Yochim 17).   Pinterest makes shopping easier by categorizing items that are in style now.  It’s also an easy way to pin, or bookmark, pictures and ideas that are interesting and it doesn’t take up memory on your own computer.

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