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Reflecting throughout this entire course of popular culture I have learned so many different things dealing with feminism, gender, and the way race plays a huge role into today’s society. Many things that I have learned such as cultural appropriation was something very knew to me and I now find myself paying close attention to the things that I say and the quick judgements that I give to people. This course has taught me to refrain from judging so quickly, and to be more accepting of people’s life choices, as well as paying attention to the different social, and racial issues that are still continuing to be a problem within our society.

One main thing that has been talked about a lot in this course is the way social media, and other media outlets play a huge role in society, and the way we coerce females into thinking that they need to be a certain size, and look a certain way in order to fit into the American norm. Females have always had to work much harder then men to have a voice that is heard, females are always looked at as being weak, and dependent on men. Notable writer Emily Matchar said that “Canning jam had always struck me as a fun, nostalgic hobby, but for these women it was part of something much larger. They spoke of self-sufficiency, of rescuing “lost” domestic arts, of sustainable lifestyles, of reclaiming the concept of “homemaker”. Basically saying that there still are women out there that aspire to keep the lifestyle of being that womanly homemaker, and taking pride in that. However, one of the many things that I have recognized is that times have changed drastically, and females are finally being able to have a voice that is heard, and getting better jobs then men or even as good as a man.

Fashion is one of the things that interest me a lot, and I have chosen to take a look into what the “look” for females are now a days, and breaking down what social norms play a part into what women aspire to look like. In order to do so I have created a pintrest in order to fully understand exactly what has been deemed as the popular look for females in today’s society. Many of the things that I came across is the size of these females that are on the popular pages of  pintrest, they are extremely skinny, and white upper classed. The clothing that they are wearing are of some expensive designer and to me it just seems very unrealistic to the average working women, and it does not even really include different races.  After having been in this class it has definately showed me how to think in an intersectional way when it comes to anything as far as movies, advertisements, social media, and commercials.

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Matchar, Emily. (2013). Homeward Bound

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Gender, Race, & Sexuality in Pop Culture. Feminist cultural critiques happen here.

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Gender, Race, & Sexuality in Pop Culture. Feminist cultural critiques happen here.

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