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Homonormativity: Redefining the American Family

By: Grace Harter The media in today’s society attempts to incorporate dynamic characters and people in shows that visually conflict with the so-called ‘norm’ of what ‘traditional’ family characteristics and values are. However, shows such as Modern Family and The Fosters, exemplify characters of the homosexual orientation that have families of their own and are […]

Is Race a Factor In Ads?

Introduction: Brooks states that, “Much of what audiences know and care about is based on images, symbols, and narratives in radio, television, film, music, and other media.” In relation to Brooks, this blog will show how important texts are to people and how these texts convey different messages. African Americans have been living in a […]

Homosexuality in Sports: Then and Now by Amanda Kaebel

Much of sports today revolve around the heterosexual norms in society.  Sports such as football, boxing, basketball, and hockey are all known as “masculine” sports.  Most gay athletes that have come out waited until after retirement due to fear of not being able to not only receive certain endorsements, but also to be no longer […]

This is a man’s world: Masculinity and Sports Culture

After careful research I have come to the conclusion that being a male does not necessarily equal masculinity and manhood. There are multiple types of masculinities that are formed from race, class, sexuality and etc. Certain masculinities are seen as hegemonic. An example of a masculinity that is seen as dominant may be male government […]

He’s not a Bully… He’s an athlete!!

You ever catch yourself reminiscing over younger days about how life was a lot easier when you had a lot less responsibilities and people told you what to do rather than expected you to figure it out on your own? Those days when you were in school and your whole world revolved around a brick, […]

Prepare for Combat: The Militarization of Football

By: Claire Levin When I think of masculinity, the first characteristics to pop into my head are power, aggression, and dominance. These themes have been reinforced time and time again through media outlets and socialization in our culture. In fact, violent behavior is routinely gendered male (Katz 261). Men are taught to believe that in […]

“Man Up:” A Defense for Masculinity on the Playing Surface

By Bruce Thomas Would you have a problem with a gay teammate? (MLB player poll)  No Problem (69.8%) Problem (28.7%) Big Problem (1.5%) According to, masculinity is defined as “pertaining to or characteristic of a man or men” and “having qualities traditionally ascribed to men, such as strength and boldness.” So much of what […]

(dis)ability in the media

By Kierra Dye The theme I chose to focus on is (dis)ability. [To clarify, I prefer to use (dis)ability because ability is subjective, so a person may view themselves as fully able-bodied while someone else may have the same body and view themselves as having a disability.] The media world is becoming more diverse and […]

Breaking Through Homosexual Hate, One Media Outlet at a Time. By Kristina Sossa

The homosexual community has been under scrutiny for many years and for an extended period of time, the community has been under strict hatred from various groups. Very little groups stood up for their rights, which led to the homosexual community ending up being very oppressed due to stereotypes and degradation. In today’s society there […]

Femininity as a Performance

By Darcy Doran-Myers Comedy has a way of pointing out the pervasive ideologies of our culture.  This clip from the show Community is a cultural critique of the performance of femininity to appease the patriarchal system.  Both characters mock the other’s “strategy” to accomplish their goals in a male-dominated society with pervasive male ideals. Britta […]


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