Live Tweeting !

1.)  Victoria has obvi set her sights on her newest target #Revenge

The tweet above goes along with the theme of the show, by saying that victoria has her sight set on a target is making the viewers believe that there is another person of intrest that Victoria wants killed. By live tweeting I have been able to see what others see when certain things happen in the show. WhenI watch this show I have my own opinions of what is going on but after live tweeting this show I have seen that there are various different things that can be pulled from this show, for example someone mentioned that Victoria secretly knows that Emily is really Amanda, but I  never thought about that until I seen the show.

2.) Jack is going to use Margaux to get Conrad’s book of secrets #Revenge

This tweet is hinting around what Jacks inentions are of getting so close to Marguax which I never thought about. I figured they were just genuinely getting closer but I should have known that, knowing Jack’s character and how he does not let anyone in easily, and he just so quickly jumps into being really close to Marguax.

3.)  Jack is going to get his feelings hurt again..#Revenge

This tweet is inferring that Jack is putting himself back into a relationship that he is bound to get hurt in, like with him and Emily, and Amanda. The person that made this tweet is white, there were no racist things stated but this is a white show and not many things on this show pertain to Blacks. But I am black and I actually love this show, but I never pay attention to race; social class is however a big part of this show. The show is based out of The Hamptons, and Jack is from the “poor” part as the Graysons refer to it. Jacks lower class is constanltly being brought out all throughout the show, while the Grayson’s are extremely rich and able to get away with murder and various other things.

4.) Yasssss Jack get you some! #Revenge

Throughout this show there is a lot of homophobia, and one of the main character (Nylon) happens to be bisexual which is something that is used against him various times. But he pays no mind to it, and continues to flaunt his money and sexuality in the show. The fact that Nylon and Jack are such good friends comes as a suprise becuase Jack is poor and Nylon is filthy rich, and that Jack is straight and Nylon is bisexual. The tweet above is rooting for Jack in hopes that he has sex with Marguax; many of the tweets that I have seen is promoting sex for the charcters on the show which did not come as a shock to me because I find myself hoping that some of them “hook up”. I believe that a lot of people watching the show are living vicuriously through the characters which is common, we often want the charcters to do things that we would want to do that we cannot. Many of the tweeters take the show literal and seem like they really hate some of the characters in real life. For example, Victoria Grayson has recieved a lot of hate through twitter from the people that follow the show and have gotten a little too into it. But that seems like that is what the Networkers want because it keeps their following high for this show, and it is a good way to promote the show so others will begin to watch the show.

5.) Jack took off his ring RT if you wish it was for Emily #Revenge

This tweet is inferring that Jack and Emily should have hooked up, instead of him and Marguax. Viewing these various live tweets has opened my eyes to what others see in the show that I do not. I do not have a twitter so it was extremely interesting to see how much people were tweeting, it was diffcult to watch the show and read the tweets because there were so many, but I enjoyed seeing that people are into this show as much as I am. Another thing that I did not see was racism in the tweets, that was refreshing to see. For the most part the viewers stayed on the topic of the show and stayed invested in the characters and left homophobia, and racism out of their tweets. I am sure if I were to have live tweeted while watching scandal I would have seen completely different hastags. For the most part the majority of the tweeters  for Revenge were white.

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