Pinterest Reflection: Claire Levin

“Pinning” was a pretty foreign concept to me before this assignment. I made my Pinterest page before I sat down to do the readings an explored the site a little bit. At first, it seemed stupid to share other people’s pictures and post them to my own dream boards. After I did the reading, I had a new appreciation for Pinterest. Pinterest and the idea of posting images and graphics to your own personal board now was a way for the every day person to take control over their own life, more specifically lifestyle. The readings talked about how during times of economic crisis, people resort back to DIY/domestic tendencies. Also, Matcher wrote about the growing disgust and distrust that people posses in regards toward government, business, and institutions. Product quality in every aspect of our lives, has wavered. Pinterest allows people to share ideas and more importantly, live outside of their means. Pinterest allows people to build their dream vacations, weddings, and craft projects. I really connected to my “Vacations” board because I have a deep longing to travel all over the world. Just looking at the images, I found myself getting excited for potential trips to come and the mysteries that lie in our world. Pinetrest allows people to vacation for free. You can explore food, the sites, and people all while just sitting in front of your computer. With that said, there is an added emphasis on consumerism in our society. Pinterest has brought our minds pack to the production level with a focus on quality and the work that goes into making a product. I have learned hundreds of new ways I can utilize the mason  jars I sip my lemonade from. When I say hundreds, I mean it. Pinterest is just another means of information sharing that allows an individual’s creativity to flourish. 


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Gender, Race, & Sexuality in Pop Culture. Feminist cultural critiques happen here.

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